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Classification folders help you stay organized . . .

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Keep related information categorized and organized together in a single folder.
It's like having multiple folders all tied together into one.
Your information stays organized so you can find it fast.
They are perfect for your real estate, personnel, banking, project or accounting files.
Use colors for different departments, projects or categories.
Select your folders with 2 to 8 separate filing sections, each with a standard metal prong 2-hole document fastener.
Top tab style for filing in drawers or
Side/end tab style for open shelves.
Our pressboard has at least 25% post consumer recycled paper.
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American flag Products made in the USA
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Eliminate hidden costs of tracking related but separate plain folders.
Keep related information organized into sections for quick reference.
Constructed for long-term use, Classification Folders assure lasting file integrity and provide a better way to
Get organized!